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VELES GROUP specializes in supplying a wide range of equipment for industrial plants
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Tanksline PTFE-lined columns and tanks


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VELES GROUP provides a full array of solutions

A plastic — lined vessel is the best choice when it comes to quality, production time and cost — effectiveness.
Our state — of — the art manufacturing system prevents common production difficulties that may arise in different industries such as: chemical, petrochemical, pharma ceutical and semiconductor.
Our unparalleled range of materials together with our unique production techniques,enable us to provide top quality lined vessels and tanks within a timeframe that suits your plant production demands.

• Storage tanks
• Pressure vessels
• Reactor vessels
• Agitated vessels
• Batch tanks
• Separators
• Condensers
• Heat exchanger
• Transportation vessels

Main key features:
• Supreme corrosion resistance
• Full PH range
• Volume enlargement by free build — up of processed media
• Continuous application temperature ranges from -29°C to +220°C
• Absolute vacuum applications, available upon request
• Non standard shapes
• Outside corrosion resistance, available upon request
• Relining used glass lined reactor vessels and tanks
• Overhaul services, available upon request

Lining materials:
• PE
• PP

Metal structure

VELES GROUP uses manual and automatic welding equipment for all its welding procedures. We combine both techniques with the best MIG / TIG welding machines to produce asignificantly enhanced final welded product due to the persistence of the welding sequence.
Construction materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel are available in various standard thicknesses and lengths, but other materials such as aluminum, SMO, duplex, Hastalloy are also available in varying sizes.
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Construction codes are PED 97/23/EC and ASME VIII Div1. Other codes are available upon request. Pressur tests, X-ray tests, thermal tests, third party inspections are available upon request

• Flanges, according to ANSI & DIN and any given standard
• Fixed and rotating flanges
• Tubes / pipes in any thickness
• Latest MIG/TIG welding
• Automatic welding
• Construction standards PED 97/23/EC and ASME VIII Div 1
• Third party inspection

Some of the internals:
• Solid PTFE spargers and feed pipes
• PTFE lined covers and dip-pipes
• PTFE trays
• Bed limiters
• Bed holders
• PTFE spray balls


We can offer much more in nozzle design, even for the most exceptional requests:
• Round shapes
• Square shape
• Manholes
• Long nozzles
• Tangent nozzles
• Angular nozzles

Outside vessel finished

We can offer various applications upon request:
• Polished
• Zinc coatings
• Epoxy coatings
• Fluroplastic coatings — for a corrosive environment in the installation zone

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